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One by One

Fine Wines & Gourmet Food

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Grands Crus Classés & Terroir Products

About us

One by one is a trading company serving the best wines and French terroir products.

We wish to reveal worldwide our heritage: the exceptional richness of fine wines and gourmet food traditions.

We put our passion at our customers service. Satisfaction of our clientele needs is premised on privileged and lasting relationships.

  • Wine traceability
  • Market watch
  • Direct access to first-level “allocataires”
  • A selection of the best vintners
  • A fine knowledge of wine and winemakers

Aware of the wine market, we analyze the global demand to make it match with the producers offer.

We get the best Millesimes at the most competitive prices to meet our clients particular requirements.

We have a strong great export experience: repeat orders to importers in China and Hong Kong. Our own FDA number for USA market.

Fabien Chossonnery, One by One Owner

« As a true Epicurean person, I am searching genuine values and trust relationships. I like to share a chic and refined lifestyle. »

Fabien Chossonnery, Owner.

What wines are you looking for?

{There are more than one thousand years of history in an old flacon{

Paul Claudel

Wines of Prestige

  • Grands Crus Classés of Bordeaux and Delights of Burgundy
  • Wines from the regions of France: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Alsace, Loire Valley, Languedoc, Provence
  • Champagne and sparkling wines
  • Organic wine from Fabien Chossonnery family winery (Gamay grape)

We have developed a real expertise in the purchase of prestigious wines.

Rarity finders, we focus on building a network of partners close to the vineyards.

In all clearness, our human-sized company allows us to be responsive, flexible and to reach target prices.

{Who knows how to taste never drinks wine again but savours some secrets.{

Salvador Dalí

Our selection of Terroir Products

  • Truffle specialty products: the Black diamond of gastronomy (truffle juice, oil and breakings.)
  • Charcuterie from Lyon
  • AOP cheeses from Loire region: Fourme de Montbrison, Rigotte de Condrieu
  • Organic wine, AOP Côte roannaise, Gamay grape (family wine)
  • Artisanal delicacies: Pralines, Sweets, Chocolate

To pair your wines, One by One offers a selection of French Terroir Products.

Ambassadors of the know-how and culinary culture of Loire region (3 starred restaurant Maison Troisgros), let us introduce you quality products from local producers.

Selection of charcuterie, AOP cheeses, truffles, candies and chocolate.